Substitute Teaching

My kids started a new school in January and I applied to be a substitute teacher. Let me tell you subbing ain't for the faint of heart! I've subbed several times now but the first time I subbed each grade level they tried to get away with as much as possible. I think I have finally found my groove though. I try to be pretty laid back but they have learned that I do mean business. The hardest class for me to deal with is 9th grade though because that's the grade my sister is in and the boys in that class have a hard time taking me seriously, but its getting better.

My mom has been an aide at that school for 2 years and my sister has gone to that school for 3 years so the kids are just getting to know me and my kids. It kills me though the things they try to pull with a sub. I get all sorts of random questions, I'm 99% sure they aren't that interested in my life, but I'm 100% sure they are just trying to delay class. Here are some of their random questions:

Hey what's your teacher name?
This one stumped me for a second then I figured out they were trying to find out my last name.

Mrs. Payne what's the worst fight you've ever seen?
Ummm moving on

Mrs. Payne why is your last name different from your mom's?
Because I'm married

Mrs. Payne do you live with your mom?
Ummm no I live with my husband

Well do you live close to your mom?
Sort of

(Though I'd stop here to let you know that these are high school students asking these questions)

Mrs. Payne do you play clash of clans?
No I Pinterest

Mrs. Payne you must really like kids huh?
Well I like MY kids I don't tend to really like other people's kids

Mrs. Payne where is our teacher?
Oh she was kidnapped, I don't know they don't tell me that kind of stuff

Mrs. Payne are you in college or did you finish college? (I have been asked this by every single grade)
Nope sure didn't

Mrs. Payne how did you know that if you didn't go to college?
It's called reading

There are many many more that I could go on with. There are some kids that I really like and enjoy talking to and there are some that when I know they are coming to class I have to meditate and sprinkle holy water all over the place before they get there but all in all it hasn't been terrible. Anyway Forrest Gump said it best, "that's all I have to say about that".


  1. As a teacher, I love this post. I subbed for several years before getting my own class. We could definitely write a book from the things kids say!

  2. LOL!! I've subbed a few times and this is SPOT ON!! Made me laugh!