Writing Can Be Hard

Writing can be really hard. I have some many thoughts swirling around my head that I can't seem to get down on paper (or on screen). I have so many blog posts that I have written in my mind while I am in the shower, laying in the bed, or driving but then I sit down to get them written and I just can't seem to get the words to come out. Partly because I am a perfectionist and it never seems good enough.

We are in such a great season in life and I wanting to share. Things aren't going perfectly but there is so much that I'm leaning, things that are changing me. I am slowly becoming the person I was created to be and starting to relax into that more and more. But trying to get it down in writing is another thing. I am coming to see more and more that writing is the path I am meant to take. There is something about the written word that has always soothed my soul and being a writer has always been that dream of mine that I have never really spoken out loud. I find myself lately expressing that dream to people. I want to be a writer. I think somewhere deep down there is a writer just itching to get out.

Bear with me as I am digging deep to find her.

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