Information Overload

I remember when the internet got to be really big and everyone was constantly calling it the information highway. Everyone was so excited about the unlimited access to all sorts of information. Anything you wanted to know or entertain yourself was right there at your finger tips. But today with the internet every growing and the many different avenues of social media we are now at information overload.

Every where you turn there's a new article or post telling you how to live your life. Found an awesome new diet that's raved about? Here's 30 articles contradicting it. You want to save money on your kid's birthday party, here's 50 articles about making everything from scratch on a budget. But guess what moms don't have to live up to that Pinterest perfect standard, lets now find 175 different articles stating so. Do your kids believe in Santa? 4,500 reasons they shouldn't and oh wait there's 3,000 articles telling you how to keep the magic in Christmas.

The internet constantly contradicts itself. I'm so over it. Sometimes I just want to totally unplug and turn all the voices off. Is it just me or is parenting in this information driven world overwhelming. Every decision you make for your family there seem to be millions supporting and millions against. Post of pic of your smiling family on vacation? Then someone hops on Facebook griping about people showing off and pretending to have the perfect life. Vent about a crappy day on Facebook, then you've got people criticizing for being so whinny.

IT NEVER ENDS!!! Why do we in this day and age feel like we need to constantly insert our opinion into others lives and tell them how to live? Is it because we somehow feel safer hiding behind a screen?

Maybe I was just blind, ignorant, or too young to realize but was the world like this before the internet? Is it just me? Have I become bitter or is anyone else annoyed?

I don't have a solution to this problem, just that I feel like it is a problem. I guess this is where discernment comes into play. Take everything you read with a grain of salt, hold onto the things that are helpful and encouraging, and let go of the things that aren't.

Now that's off my chest lets all hold hands and sing kumbaya.


  1. Oh, I feel ya. I think that we have the same conflicting voices as we did before internet, but now it's just so easy to access them. Overwhelming, sometimes!

  2. kumbaya my Lord, kumbaya. Seriously, I do think once you get over the newness of things it calms down. I am however concerned about those that appear to be addicted to their devices.

  3. 100%! All the information out there can be completely overwhelming. Somedays I can't decide if the internet is a good or bad thing!

  4. Everything has another perspective which means everything seems to contradict. It's hard!

  5. All of this was there before. We just didn't have such a wide array of ways to experience it. Before Pinterest there was Southern Living and Better Homes and Garden and Martha Stewart Living. Whenever my son went to a birthday party and something new happened - gift bags, serving lunch - I felt weird because I didn't do any of that stuff. It's good to remember that this is all someone's opinion anyway.

  6. I totally agree with you. Before the internet, one thing I learned was not to believe everything you read, but now with the information highway....if its in print, some people think its gold.

    Sometimes I feel like such a cynic, but Life has taught me to research first and to not judge either. Thank you for sharing this, I loved reading it!