Summer of the Turltes

Since we have had so much rain here in Texas this year turtles are everywhere! My kids have really enjoyed catching them and bringing them home. So far we have name 3 of them; David, Goliath, and Tortuga.

My husband introduced them to a tradition from his childhood. When he was kid they would catch turtles, then paint their shells, and turn them loose. He said it was so fun seeing them days later walking down the road with their artwork on their backs. My kids have really loved doing this!

My posts the rest of the summer will probably be shorter and more focused on family fun as I am trying to step back from the computer and enjoy my kids being home.

Do you and your kids catch turtles? If you do, do you paint their shells?


  1. We don't usually catch turtles... but that's because we have one as a pet! His name is Tucker, and he lives in our 50 gallon fish tank (the lucky fella).

  2. We've never caught any turtles, though there are a few around here. Cute idea to paint them so you can see them again!