I'm Bribing My Kids To Read More This Year

Sometimes as parents we rock and can teach our children lessons and get them to do the things the should, and sometimes we resort to bribery. My son is like his mom and loves to read. Last year he would read in the car on the way to school and on the way home. He would get through 2-4 chapter books every week. We started that school in January and between January and May he read 75 books. I was so proud.

My daughter on the other hand is like her dad. She doesn't read unless she absolutely has to. This breaks my heart as I really want her to love books. This year my husband and I told them that we would pay them .25 cents for every chapter book they read this year (I had originally said $1 but daddy dropped it down because Nathan would rake in a ton of money quick lol). Yeah we went there. Do I feel guilty for using bribery? No, not really. Whatever gets the job done!


To help us keep them accountable I came up with this chart for them to write down each book they finish. And I'm sharing it with you because I'm pretty great like that. You can download and print yours here.

So tell me what do you think, parenting fail or genius?


  1. It can be good motivation. :-) I host a Read Aloud Wednesdays link up every week if you'd like to share this post. We share any reading related posts. :-)

  2. I LOVE THIS! My son is pretty good about reading but we did something similar on chores. Instead of just letting him get whatever he wanted every time we went to the store we gave him a list of chores and an amount he would get for completing. (usually 50 cents - $2 depending on the chore). He loved it and was doing some things daily to rack in more money. In the end it STILL ended up being about the same or less than what he would've normally gotten. Only now I hear less whining and my house is cleaner. WIN! lol

  3. Great idea! I have one super-duper reader and one more reluctant reader. It's hard to know how to encourage them, especially when I'm such a bookworm myself. I say every kid is different and you just do what works. I may use this myself!

  4. I love this! My kids read a lot in the summer, but there's not much time in the school year for extra reading.