My Trim Healthy Mama Journey

During Christmas break my acid reflux rared it's ugly head. Over days it grew from just burning in my throat to pain in my stomach. It finally got so bad that I was basically in the fetal position. I finally went into see my Dr. and I was really unsure of what to tell her of my symptoms other than pain, burning, and I just couldn't eat anything. She determined that my esophagus was inflamed. She said my body was prone to inflammation due to my Hashimotos and that I really should be off sugar, dairy, and starches. So basically that left me with grass and water to eat.

I knew giving up sugar would be hard and for me starches would be even harder. But give up cheese and butter?! Unimaginable!

I had gotten the original Trim Healthy Mama book years ago when it first came out and last year purchased the new plan book and cookbook. While I stumbled around for about a week trying to figure out what I could eat that wouldn't cause me pain after I ate it, I stumbled on my books again.

The first time I tried the plan years ago, for some reason I just couldn't wrap my mind around it, but this time it just clicked. Probably because of the awesome support from the THM Facebook page. I dove in.

I've made some mistakes as this is just the beginning of my journey, but so far I've lost 16lbs, 5 inches, and a clothing size since the first week in January. As someone who struggles with Hashimotos and PCOS I NEVER thought I would be able to loose weight much less enjoy my foods while I did!

Trim Healthy Mama has jump started my journey to whole body healing. I'm now looking at my weightloss journey as a marathon instead of a sprint to loose it all quickly. I'm taking the time to nuritious my body with healthy foods, balance my blood sugars, and begin gentle movement exercises. It feels freeing and refreshing. I've had so many people ask me what I'm doing to loose weight so April 1st I'm leading a group study through the book and we will get on plan one meal at a time.

Picture on the left Jan. 17th. Picture on the right Feb. 17th

I am in no way affiliated with Trim Healthy Mama, but I will sing their praises from the roof tops. If you want to learn more check out their website. I'll be posting my journey on Instagram and I hope you will follow along!

Oh and I still enjoy cheese and butter. I make better starch choices, but I am sugar free!

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